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WMSC's New Outlet for Bass Music

After a long break I am finally back at WMSC with my own show on Friday Nights from 10pm-1am.

For those unaware I used to appear on WMSC to DJ for an hour on Monday Nights show casing my favorite Hip Hop, House, Trap, and of course Dubstep. After two semesters of waiting patiently I now have my own show (50Hz) on WMSC.

Like Sub or Rinse FM my show caters to the heavier more underground roots of Dubstep and bass music. I play everything from early Rephlex Records, to the latest tunes from New World Audio, Nebula Music Group,  Encrypted Audio, Gourmet Beats, and many more. I personally follow a lot of artists in the community and am always watching out for fresh new content to play out on my show.

When tuning in listeners will hear old school tracks from Caspa & Rusko as well as brand new tunes from The Immortalz. I try to catalogue music from around the globe meaning there will be some unique and rare sounds to be heard.

Photo By: Melodelic Imagery

Photo By: Melodelic Imagery

I try to provide a lot of background information about the tracks I play as well  their release dates, what label the track was on, and various other technical details about certain sounds in the track. I even play EP and song previews from tracks that have yet to be released.


I also play the music that I produce and let people know about music I may be releasing or that friends of mine may be releasing soon.

The goal of the 50Hz show is to bring fresh content every week, and introduce someone to either their new favorite song or a new sound to bob their head to.I take this mission seriously and whether or not you like bass music or the new EDM scene that is being plastered everywhere I ask you to listen to one broadcasting of the 50Hz show and hear the difference.  


Besides my show on WMSC I am still producing music and planning to release an EP by late May. If you want to keep up with the newest content in bass music follow me on the various social media listed below. And you can download one of my latest tracks Elekralyte for free at .

Thanks for the support, and tune in to 90.3 online, on your radio, and now on iheartradio!MELODELIC

Twitter: @Melodelic2001  


Youtube: (MELO)











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