Angelina Jolie Speaks to UN Security Council

Photo Credit: UN
An actress and artist speaking to diplomats on the political and humanitarian considerations of the never ending cycles of conflict might appear a bit at odds with past tradition.  But then, the UN Security Council has failed both on traditional diplomacy and in confronting the war makers in Syria, whether the Assad Regime or ISIS.  On the other hand, Angelina Jolie as the Special Envoy of the UN High Commissioner on Refugees has delivered support, real and moral, as well as wading into the refugee camps to highlight the plight of the innocent.

As Special Envoy of UNHCR, Ms. Jolie has been perhaps the most committed and tireless of “Goodwill Ambassadors” paving the realization of a “Diplomat-Artist.”  Her missions have taken her from Afghanistan to South America to the migrant camps full of refugees seeking a better life in Europe.  (See: “Actress, UNHCR Envoy & Mother, Angelina Jolie Gives Failing Grade to International Community.”)  She has also helped bring attention to sexual violence in conflict hosting a conference on the subject last year in conjunction with the UK Foreign Secretary. She made her directorial debut in the production of “In the Land of Milk and Honey” placing another lens on the mass rape camps that violated Bosnian/Herzegovinian women two decades earlier. The film won critical acclaim from the artistic and human rights community.  (Also See: “Srebrenica Forgiveness!!“)


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