Colombia’s #Juanes & Latin America’s Diplomat-Artists

Photo Credit: UN Photo/Jean-Marc Ferre

Music star Juanes represents the rising engagement of global artists with the United Nations and its many organizations and agencies, including UNICEF and UNHCR.  Initially, the engagement was limited in scope and depth, but also dominated with artists with an Anglophile flavor, or at least with North American and European audiences. Over the last couple of decades, since I started my service as UN Ambassador for Bosnia & Herzegovina, the variety of cultures and artists represented has dramatically increased – so has the quality of engagement and appeal to diplomatic resources as well as global citizens. (See: “Angelina Jolie, in Myanmar Bridges Peace & Humanitarian Work.” )

Diversity Beyond Tolerance but a Shared Future + Global Wealth!

Our work at Diplomat-Artist is mainly in English and thus by definition tends to focus on the Anglophile speaking global community. Nonetheless, we must pay respect and focus on the worthwhile work of so many others that extend beyond these narrow and rather artificial boundaries. The emphasis on diversity is part of the respect for pluralism and the wealth from which the globe will thrive rather than suffer from intolerance and conflict. (Feel free to add your Visions & Suggestions.) Most recently, Juanes participated with other global stars for World Humanitarian Day.

Watch/LIsten, If you want to hear Juanes perform his hits including “La Senal”  + “La Camisa Negra” .

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