David Beckham & UNICEF Kick-off New Children’s Assistance Fund

Photo Credit: UNICEF/Per-Anders Pettersson


From current conflicts and humanitarian crises to ongoing education and health programs, many of the globe’s children are cheated of opportunity and even life. Resources can at least aid to some degree, particularly in refugee camps – for example, funding for Syria refugees has been well behind the needs. Well known personalities as Angelina Jolie have taken on the role of highlighting the plight of those already robbed of normalcy, friends and family. Angelina has become one of the most active Goodwill Ambassadors on behalf of refugees, displaced persons and those ethically cleansed/persecuted.  (See: New Cold War on the UN Stage & Closing Curtain on ‘We the People’)

David Beckham, as a Goodwill Ambassador on behalf of UNICEF, has already contributed much of his time and celebrity to raise awareness and funding. The new “7” initiative focuses “to protect millions of children around the world from danger.” Read more at “UNICEF & David Beckham Launch ‘7’ – a New Fund for Children in Danger across Globe.”

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