Earth Day Concert in Washington

Photo Credit: Gwen Stefani of No Doubt at Concert
As Washington goes so goes the world.  And this weekend ahead of Earth Day on April 22, citizens –  global or US or both –  gathered at the National Mall to press ahead for ever greater environmental awareness and more ultimately action from the US Government. The event was solar-powered even as the overflow crowd was energized by some of the globe’s great musical talents including Usher, Train, No Doubt and Mary J. Blige.
There were some legitimate concerns that this concert left an environmental footprint beyond the publicized solar energy, from tons of thrash to the carbon fuel that delivered global citizens to the event. However, it is also evident that some of the detractors were more about hating on anything that connects the US to broader global activism as many are also climate-change deniers. The concert produced its own share of environmental degradation, but the purpose was to raise awareness of that which connects all global citizens. Borders cannot contain air pollution or rising sea levels, but now they cannot limit our shared concerns as children of the Earth. Music was a connector between us, and the performers once again reinforced their value as diplomat-artists. Here is an audience view peek into the Concert –
(Earth Day, DC, 2015 Usher & Martin Garrix Don’t Look Down/Animals)

Read, Act and Be via Earth Day Network: Earth Day 2015




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