#Eid Al-Fitr From the UN

Photo Credit: UN Photo/Tobin Jones

The end of Ramadan is celebrated throughout the globe, after a month of fasting, prayer, abstinence and hopefully reflection. The United Nations holds its own prayer services for diplomats, staff and journalists. Many of the peacekeepers and others observing ceasefires or mediating conflicts also are of Muslim identity. Unfortunately though, in too many instances Eid is one of the few moments of celebration in countries where Muslim populations find themselves engulfed in local  or broader conflict. Even in too many of these cases, peace is not guaranteed. In the recent past, terror has come to the mosque and religious observations – the victims are Muslims but also far too often the culprits presumably fighting for Islam.

In this photo from a seaside beach in Mogadishu, Somalia, peace prevails and the stress of a three decades conflict at least for the moment appears far-off.


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