Empowering Young #Women & Advancing #GenderParity

Photo Credit: UN Photo/Mark Garten

Birth and gender should not determine a woman’s level of advancement, education,   and family and societal worth. Leading the efforts to empower a woman’s right to safe childbirth, right to chose when and how many pregnancies, and freedom from child marriage is Ashley Judd. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) appointed its new Goodwill Ambassador, Ms. Judd, activist and actor to spearhead educational efforts to empower young women to reach their full potential.
Ms. Judd condemns violence against women and addresses the role that family plays in many cases of gender-based violence and human rights violations.  Says Ms. Judd: “At the heart of sustainable development is the ability of a woman to regulate her fertility. Being a girl is not a crime, it is a privilege.  I am excited to do what I can to help girls and women everywhere contribute to their potential – which is indeed awesome – to the progress of all humankind.”
The 60th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women opens today, 16 March. It’s theme is women’s empowerment and its link to sustainable development.  “Goodwill Ambassador Judd will give the keynote address at a special event at the UN General Assembly Hall, using words and music to call for an end to female genital mutilation (FGM), child marriage and son preference.” (See: “Ashley Judd Appointed Goodwill Ambassador by UN Population Fund.”)
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