First International Day for Genocide Victims

Photo Credit: UN Photo/John Isaac: Vitez, Bosnia & Herzegovina

“One More, Never Again” is a stark reminder of man’s massive failure and complicity in genocide, the “crime of crimes.” This December 19 was an historical first step in recognition, as the United Nations marked the first International Day of Commemoration & Dignity of the Victims of the Crime of Genocide.


Xenophobia, intolerance and an “us versus them” mentality in differences among races, religions, ethnicity, and economic status is grossly pervasive  and tolerated in today’s society. International Courts have recognized only two cases of genocide, Rwanda (1994) and Srebrenica (Bosnia & Herzegovina, 1995.) Genocide of indigenous peoples in the Americas, the Rohingya of Burma (Myanmar), the people of the Ogaden, and the Yezidi’s must also be recognized.

Says UNSG Ban K-moon:  “After all, genocide does not just happen; it unfolds over time.”  “It is not part of the accidental ‘fallout’ of conflict; most often, it is systematic, planned, with precise targets, and it can also take place outside of conflict situations.”  The UN chief warned there is a dangerous “us versus them” dynamic that “is often being exploited to justify the exclusion of communities based on different forms of identity such as religion, ethnicity or ‘other,’ and to deny assistance, restrict human rights and perpetrate atrocious acts of violence.” (See: “UN Marks 1st International Day to Commemorate Victims of Genocide, the Crime of Crimes.”)

Once more, “Never Again.”


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