From Toddler to Aged, Future Jobs are from Education to Care

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As we get older, we need more education and care, as is the case for the youngest of our global citizens. This is also where the jobs are. Even incorporating the most physically and mentally disadvantaged into our societies will bring about needs for greater training as well as basic care. Some of this will be delivered by new technologies; however, the human touch is essential.

The report (See: “World Employment & Social Outlook: Trends 2015”) by the UN’s International Labor Organization (ILO) also implicitly raises questions regarding how and who society rewards for the work and talent. Income inequality and minimum wage have become the debate in most developed/developing societies. More of us will be in these more recently presumed lower paying jobs. On the other hand, there is an ever greater demand for the teacher, the social worker and care giver. They make contributions by all members of society possible. Some of the greatest talents of global citizens may be locked up within the visions and creativity that we now see as “disabled,” or disadvantaged. (See: “Do You See or Taste Music?”)



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