Geothermal Energy is Future for Food Production?

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Sustainability is becoming an ever greater consideration in energy and food production. The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is seeking greater efficiencies and greater production. According to the FAO: “Heat energy generated by the earth’s core can be used for cost efficient, sustainable food production and processing in developing countries. It’s an energy source that’s renewable, clean and low-cost once you’ve made the initial investment to harness it. By using a clean energy source, you’re not only addressing cost but also the environmental impacts of food production and processing.”
Hunger continues to plague a large segment of the globe’s population, with or without conflict. Almost one billion of the globe’s citizens go to sleep hungry. The recent leveling off in food prices may alleviate recent pressures on the globe’s citizens. However, many of the world’s poorest farmers may be negatively impacted by lower prices for agriculture; and sustainability as well as good nutrition remain challenges. (Read: “Food Prices Drop – Good News on Hunger or Danger of Deflation?“)

The FAO Report: Uses of geothermal energy in food and agriculture – Opportunities for developing countries. (See: “Understanding Hunger & Malnutrition.”)


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