Indigenous Peoples Seeking Rights

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They are white, black, brown and yellow and have been the first inhabitants in lands on all the world’s continents, (except Antarctica.)  Indigenous peoples, from the Aborigines to Native Americans to the Sami of Norway are as diverse in their history and custom but do share the fate of being exploited, deprived of land, culture and life and subjected to stereotyping. Over the last several decades, these people have come together to empower and project their future. In many ways, they are also the original global citizen.

The United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues reflects an ongoing struggle to regain and empower beyond the now annual conference held at the UN each late spring. The issues that haunt native peoples also reflect new challenges, from economic to teen suicides that far exceed that of the overall general population. Perhaps most critically, the Permanent Forum is about building new coalitions and retaking their voice as well as regaining stolen lands and rights. To know more see the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues –  and connect via Twitter @UN4Indigenous or Facebook via

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