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Photo Credit: UN Photo/John Isaac

“Feline Reflections” is title of this photo from UN archives taken somewhere in Jerusalem. Is this a Palestinian or Israeli cat?  Is its human companion Jewish, Muslim, Christian, agnostic, or…?  With highly divisive and conflicting claims to the past, present and future of Jerusalem, some reflection perhaps is desperately needed to preserve the deeper meaning of the Holy City shared by so many faiths and peoples. The Prophet Mohammed was known to favor cats,, and the love for the feline as our companion is shared by many religions and cultures. Perhaps on International Cat Day the message of shared appreciation and affection for cats can be at least help us reflect on what makes us more similar than that which divides us.

The love of cat has also been a unifying force in many other great world cities, from Sarajevo to New York. Adopt a cat also consumes the efforts of so many feline lovers, from our local Pet Smart that provides free space to the thousands of volunteers who commit time and love, in person and online. On International Cat Day, we salute also the volunteers whose empathy and love reaches out every day.

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