“Let There Be Bread”

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Pope Francis addressed the delegates at the Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) Conference in Rome this week and cited eradicating hunger as a moral obligation. Food security, good nutrition, and reduction of food waste are priorities of global citizens in coming together to achieve this human rights goal.

He emphasized one-third of the planet’s food is wasted, the needs of the rural world, and safeguards to ensure agriculture development as a response to nutritional standards. Pope Francis also blamed volatile food prices, market speculation, and large-scale agricultural land acquisitions by transnational companies and governments which deprive small farmers. (Also see: Diplomat Artist Archives “Global Finance.”)

Pope Francis called for member states to achieve solidarity in coming together in consensus for action for FAO’s original role – fiat panis – “let there be bread” the Latin phrase that appears on FAO’s logo.
(See FAO: “Pope Francis Tells FAO Conference Delegates Eradicating Hunger Is an Obligation that must not be Neglected.”)


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