#Oscar for Global Citizen, UN Messenger of Peace?

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Leonardo #DiCaprio has become one of the most active advocates on behalf of the United Nations mission and related initiatives particularly #ClimateChange and the #Environment. While he has been a a darling of girl teens, to playing the leading man in some great roles already, the critical acclaim for his portrayal in the authentically American film, “The Revenant” has never been so overwhelming. DiCaprio is nominated as lead male actor as is the film for this year’s best. He has already garnered other nominations and honors including the Screen Actors Guild. The success of the film and DiCaprio is even more notable in the year of “Star Wars” return, and the controversy over the lack of actors of color in the Oscar’s nominations.
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However, it is the willingness of DiCaprio to take on his role as UN Messenger of Peace and regarding such a demanding and contentious issue as climate change that is perhaps the most praiseworthy – he is at the height of an acting career that demands his services for significant pay. While some maintain a presence in the public eye through their public service before the UN, DiCaprio has joined the battle on behalf of global citizens when his presence draws the focus to the most pressing issues.


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UNSG Meets UN Messenger of Peace

The 41-year old actor has already an impressive portfolio, including “Titanic,”  “Catch me if You Can,” “Django Unchained,” and one of my favorites, “J. Edgar.” DiCaprio has incorporated in his work other issues relevant to the global citizen, particularly “Blood Diamond.” The “Wolf of Wall Street” was an insightful role into the dark side of Wall Street. John Malkovich, during a chance meeting with Ambassador Mo Sacirbey in Paris where he was filming “The Man in the Iron Mask” with  the about-to-be-discovered DiCaprio, clued him in that the young actor was one of the most hard-working and professional who would become a great star.
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At the UN Climate Conference (COP 21) Paris, France
Leonardo DiCaprio has lived up to the expectation, perhaps more. Most critically, he is giving of himself at a time in career and life when he has the most to offer via the recognition and association with the globe’s most pressing concerns – when diplomacy and art are intertwined.  (Also Read: “From #SocialNetwork Jerk to Model for Social Responsibility Entrepreneur)

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