Peace, Prayer, & the Violin

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The International Day of Peace is celebrated by the United Nations on 21 September, and each September the Peace Bell in the Japanese Garden at the UN rings its message of hope. It is also International Day of Prayer for Peace.  Earlier this year, young girls performed a special violin composition to mark the return of the Peace Bell to its original location after extensive UN renovations.  (See: “Children Performing Violins in Perfect Harmony.”)


Music is the chord that binds citizens together to establish cultural bonds and set the global stage as a foundation for peace. Ambassador Mo and I have been privileged to know accomplished musician/composer Djamel Benyelles, a French/Algerian, whose performance on violin transcends the senses. Following the end of his world tour of  “Arabesque” with Jane Birkin, he has devoted himself to all aspects of production for his group “Djam & Fam.”  Group member, Mehreen, blends Asian local folk and oriental classical. Patrick, who hails from Jamaica, offers versatility and rap to the group. “Charley” (Chrissie) who lives in Australia,  believes the world music genre “bridges cultural differences, a vital precursor to healing our world.”  Djamel provided me with this YouTube video “Djamel Benyelles Djam & Fam Feat” with Mehreen “Hold My Hand” ) Enjoy!

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PHOTO: UN/Mark Garten


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