Peter #Ustinov, an Original Diplomat-Artist

Photo Credit: UN Photo/Saw Lwin, 1986

Actor, director and playwright best recognized for his many Hollywood credits over half a century, Peter Ustinov was an ardent promoter of the United Nations during its formative years and then along with Audrey Hepburn, became the face of UNICEF’s efforts on behalf of children.  (Read: “She Wore Black, Audrey Hepburn at UN“.)  In this first photo, Peter Ustinov records a program on behalf of UNESCO, an early effort to introduce and educate regarding the UN, well before we started to use the definition of “Global Citizen.”
UN Photo/MB: 20 January 1958

Peter Ustinov was also an original campaigner for disarmament, along with Henry Fonda. (Read: “Henry #Fonda Speaks on Behalf of #Disarmament“.)  Unfortunately, this effort still continues without having reached its goals, and another great diplomat-artist, Michael Douglas leads the campaign.

UN Photo/MB: 4 February 1958

                                                   Mr. Ustinov working on  special United Nations Radio  production on disarmament called “The Other Road”, in which he will co-star with Henry Fonda & Melvyn Douglas
Sir Peter Ustinov though will perhaps be best remembered for his work on behalf of children. Unlike one of his most memorable character portrayals of Nero fiddling while Rome burned, the character of the person and legacy is of generous giving of self for the betterment of our world.
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