Postal Stamps as #Diplomacy on #LGBT Rights

Photo Credit: Photo:UNPA - UN Free & Equal Postage Stamps

For centuries prior, postal stamps were both art and functional. The Internet has changed some of that. Nonetheless, postal stamps continue to be expressions of art, culture, national patriotism/tradition and also diplomacy, as in the case of the UN Postal Administration. This week, the UN released stamps promoting the rights of the LGBT community globally, at a time when members of such community are persecuted, prosecuted or even executed in more than a mere minority of states.

The UN Free & Equal Campaign , which is a UN campaign for LGBT equality, is one of the more recent institutions of the UN (established during the tenure of the current UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, a self-defined evangelical Christian who has made combating discrimination a priority.)  The campaign also focuses on the costs to society of discrimination. Conformism and the persecution of “deviancy” have been abused as weapons of political authoritarianism. They can also stunt society’s capacity in everything from entrepreneurship and job creation to innovation and healing, along with free expression – (See: “The Decadence of Persecuting Deviance“)

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