Success Through the Eyes of Adversity

Small Steps to Help Connect a Big World

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When I was a kid I didn’t have many positive role models. I’m the youngest of four children, born to a single mother in a small town on the Jersey Shore. The area where my family lived was underdeveloped and the people who lived there fought hard to make a decent living. Yet, growing up in a place where #success wasn’t well defined; I away knew that I wanted more in life.  The key was making it through the negativity to accomplish my dreams.file00048123641

Over years I develop a great sense of self-worth, mainly through much trial and error. I’ve been near homelessness, without a job, without food, and at times felt that I was ready to give up on life.  However, through all my adversities, I’ve found many levels of #success. Now, at 29 years old, I’m a few months away from graduating with my 2nd degree, dedicated to becoming an #entrepreneur, and still pursuing more of my dreams. So today I bring you, not a story about my life, but an idea on how we can connect to make the world a little more peaceful.

MDGAction_EN-smallerLife has taught me that #success varies depending on your circumstances. What doesn’t vary is the fact that even small accomplishments matter. In today’s world people seem to be less connected, even with the most powerful #social tools ever created. Why? Mainly because we are taught the importance of the big picture in our own lives, causing us to lose connection through the small blessings we find in others. We need to begin celebrating our small accomplishments and using them as #motivation for the rest of the world, or as far as our reach extends. Gandhi said, “If we could #change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also #change.gandhi-jayanti2

The world needs that sense of connection. Much of this can be achieved through the use of #Ediplomacy, using today’s technology to connect people and cultures. We need to be proud or ourselves, our accomplishments, and the accomplishments of others. Let us be each other’s mentors, teachers, and role models. Then we can begin to develop a renewed sense of #community. We must remember that the world we are creating will soon be passed on to our children. Let us share in each other struggle, so when one has #success, we all have success.
So get connected and let each one, #teach one.

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Nicholas White
Nicholas is at senior at Montclair State University. His current field of study is Communication and Media Arts. He is currently occupied as a digital media strategist and freelance photographer. #Entrepreneur #StudentDiplomat
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