Tourism & Culture: “Building a New Partnership”

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Conference in Cambodia is hosting private enterprise, government institutions, NGO’s and industry associations with the goal of building respect for diversity now as well as our unique cultural histories via tourism. The UN’s Tourism Agency (WTO) and its organ (UNESCO) furthering education, science and cultural exchange have launched this year’s “First World Conference and Tourism and Culture.”

As we have written in previously, tourism has the advantage of enhancing economic opportunity as well as promoting mutual respect and understanding, from history and culture, to the environment and health.  (See: “Tourism Promotes Global Economy, Cultural Exchange, & Peace?”)  With the threat of intolerance growing as a wild weed, the notion of respect for each other’s history and culture, tourism is an ever more effective mass weapon of peace; and yes, it can also be educationally to spiritually uplifting to simply fun! (See: “Snowbirds Migrating to Free Birds – A Compelling Journey of Body & Spirit.”)

For more information on the UNWTO/UNESCO World Conference on Tourism & Culture being held in Siem Reap, Cambodia and a spectacular 3 minute video, check the site.

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