Tourism Promotes Global Economy, Cultural Exchange & Peace?

Photo Credit: Personal Collection - Everglades Cormorant

Tourism is an important economic asset as well as tool to enhance interaction and understanding between global citizens. It is perhaps also under-appreciated for its economic contribution. For 2014 according to data from the UN’s World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the industry experienced a record economic year.

Tourism is not though just about a couple locking themselves up in a plush hotel room on an isolated island. The experience encompasses a broad range of activities from immersing oneself in the local culture to diving into the ocean in the Keys. In fact, ecology tourism is one of the globe’s most rapidly rising excursions, and it can be enjoyed on a long holiday on the other side of the globe or on a day tour to a National Park. (See: “Snowbirds Migrating to Free Birds – A Compelling Journey of Body & Spirit.”  To refine an old line, I’m not only a travel industry professional but a frequent tourist!

To learn more about the economic opportunities, promotion and enterprise of tourism you can visit UNWTO as well as garner the most recent data and trends: (See: “Over 1.1 Billion Tourists Traveled Abroad in 2014.” )

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