UN Meteorological Agency Reports this is Warmest Century on Record as Trend Continues Upward

Photo Credit: UN - Mark Garten

Even as we freeze at UN HQ in New York City, the forecast is for more heat globally, if the current trend continues. Climate change does not mean every region gets warmer or drier. Much of Europe for example is likely to get colder, perhaps to the degree of becoming uninhabitable, if ocean and other weather currents are altered by overall global climate change. Similarly, when it comes to rain, some areas will go dry while others may suffer extreme precipitation.

The UN can be accused of having few climate change skeptics. One might ask how far do we have records to compare? But then, the UN brings together the best minds and also the most comprehensive data available. Most critically, a miscalculation in ignoring climate change could cause starvation in some lands while others, in particular island states and low lying areas from Bangladesh to Brooklyn, from Fiji to Florida, could be swallowed up by the oceans. (Read: “Can the UN Help Curb Climate Change?” )

For more information, charts and link to  WTO:  World Meteorological Organization

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