UN #Police, Force for Good or….?

Photo Credit: UN Photo/ Logan Abassi

The role of UN police, women and men, can be particularly critical beyond just helping those facing threats in war zones and/or on basis of race, ethnicity or religion.  Maintaining a fragile peace or just dampening the contagious effect of fear depends on strengthening confidence in the rule of law. UN mandated police staff can play a critical role by their efforts, example and training they may provide.

UN police have not necessarily had an unblemished record – some cases of sexual abuse or simple corruption have been documented. However, there has also been progress, particularly in enhancing the role of women police officers, which both serve as a model for the establishment of local forces and deterring sexual violence. Here is link to UN website that exhibits short videos of male and female UN mandated police speaking of their efforts and motivations – no doubt their example may be needed in developed as well as developing countries in view of the rise of evidence of police acting in brutal, capricious or even unlawful manner – whether in Chicago or Congo.
UN Police at Work Videos:

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