We’ve all been #Refugees, as Old as War & Natural Disaster

Photo Credit: UN Photo: KashmirRefugees

As the refugee crisis escalates, our response tests our humanity as well as our capacity. It also is not just a European problem, but on almost on all continents: Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Americas. It is also not a new crisis but one that has been the by-product of conflict and natural disaster. In too many conflicts, ethnic cleansing/genocide has targeted whole populations on basis of race, ethnicity, religion or some other consideration to divide humanity. Perhaps it is worthwhile to put into historical context — refugees have been part of our lives since time immortal; and in our family tree or as individuals, we all have been refugees. (Over the next few days, we will remind in photos of our shared legacy as Refugees just in the last half century or so since the end of WW II.)

Refugees waiting Re-settlement from Nazi Germany
Ukranian Refugees
Palestinian Child
 We have sought older historical photos of refugees from Ogaden, Central America, Myanmar (minorities as Rohingya and Kachin) but have as yet to locate. We will look to inlcude in future posts.
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