World Bank & Sesame Street #Muppets Join for Health

Photo Credit: Simone D. McCountie/World Bank

A Muppet can be a diplomat artist, and a new character has joined Sesame Street to battle for greater hygiene and health among children. “Raya” has become Sesame Street’s newest character and Global Health Ambassador. Ambassador Raya last week visited World Bank HQ in Washington to help educate:  “more about triggering behavior change in areas like access to sanitation and hygiene,” particularly among children in developing and least developed countries.  Raya was brought to life specifically for “Sesame Street’s WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) campaign to teach children and to empower them to teach their communities about healthy habits.”

“It’s not just about building toilets. Having toilets is great. But the real issue is behavior change,” offered World Bank President Jim Yong Kim.  “Enter the unusual partnership between the World Bank and Sesame Street. As the largest informal educator of children, reaching 156 million children worldwide in over 150 countries, Sesame Street is more than an educational TV show. It’s a research-driven learning institute targeting early childhood development.”  (Read More of World Bank communique and new initiative:  “Triggering Behavior Change: Children’s Role in Development“)

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