World Day for Cultural Diversity, Dialogue & Development

Photo Credit: UNESCO/Gerald Tan

Some are promoting a conflict of civilizations and the killing and genocide of “the other.” Today, though, the United Nations and UNESCO are promoting diversity and our right to Humankind’s heritage.  Recently, the UN Secretary General warned of a spike in “cultural ethnic cleansing” perpetrated by ISIS but by no means just limited to this terror group or this region.  (See:  “Cultural Ethnic Cleansing“)


“Cultural Diversity: The Common Heritage of Humanity”


UNESCO defines the following commitment shared by all global citizens, and particularly diplomat-artists who create but also are obliged to respect and protect even if such differs with their heritage, views and/or art:”Cultural diversity is our shared heritage and the greatest opportunity before humanity. It holds the promise of renewal and dynamism, and an engine of innovation and development. It is also an invitation to dialogue, discovery and cooperation. In a diverse world, the destruction of cultures is a crime, and uniformity is a dead-end: our aim must be to enhance, in one movement, the diversity that enriches us and the human rights that bring us together.

This indivisible link between cultural diversity and human rights was recalled with the adoption in 2001, just after the destruction of the Buddha statues of Bamiyan in Afghanistan, of the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity. This text provides us with a compass for living together in a globalized world, confirming that respect for cultural diversity and respect for human rights are inseparable.”

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