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Was Sarajevo 1997 Start of “Global Citizen” Consciousness?

By, Ambassador Muhamed (Mo) Sacirbey

Art and music were integral part of defense and global solidarity that helped Sarajevo survive the longest modern siege of a European capital. From around the globe, artists as U2…


Austria to Bosnia Diplomatic Connection

By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey

It was not the “Muslim majority” countries or the super-power that projected freedom as its international commitment. Bosnia & Herzegovina’s (BiH) first true diplomatic friend was Austria and this robust…


Zbigniew Brzezinski & the Battle on Post Communism Fascism

By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey

After the fall of the Soviet Union what was left is a naked fascism for which communism was more pretext than guiding ideology. Post Soviet Russia may have had a…


Coffee with the Souls of #Srebrenica

For most, the Srebrenica Genocide has become a footnote in history once again linking horrific crimes against fellow man that many thought could “Never Again” occur after the horrors of…


We’ve all been #Refugees, as Old as War & Natural Disaster

  As the refugee crisis escalates, our response tests our humanity as well as our capacity. It also is not just a European problem, but on almost on all continents:…


Hate Speech or Free Speech on Migrants in UK Press?

The anti-immigration movement in Britain has parlayed fear and reality of continued migration into substantial political power in effective alliance with an ever more xenophobic media. Of course this is…


Cultural Ethnic Cleansing

Genocide inevitably involves wiping away the cultural as well as physical existence of the people targeted. No continent has been spared and the examples are too many to enumerate, from…


World Interfaith Week – Religions Must Come Together to Marginalize Haters Killing in their Name

  Religion is not under attack from another religion but mostly from within who would exploit and pervert for their own power or other self-promoting and/or aggrandizement agenda. This perversion…


Liberty, Life, and Legacy of the Holocaust Survivors – 70 Years

27 January. 2015 marks the 70th Anniversary that allied forces liberated the Nazi concentration/extermination camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland. The Nazi-introduced concept of “industrialized murder” systematically killed over a million…