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#Fight or Flight: One Man’s Choice When Faced With Death

Millions of Refugees Seek A Normal Life Away From War

With the ongoing war on ISIS in the Middle East forcing its citizens to leave the area in droves, the western world has been charged with the responsibility of playing…


From ” #SocialNetwork ” Jerk to Model for Social Responsibility Entrepreneur

Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg has had to first live down an unflattering film portrayal, (something akin to Steve Martin’s lead character in “The Jerk”), and then overcome investor skepticism regarding…


#FoodPrices Drop but Reflect Weaker #GlobalEconomy for All

Food prices fell by almost 20% in 2015 according to the FAO Index (UN’s Food & Agriculture Organization) Index. This though may not be such great news as this reflects…


World Bank & Sesame Street #Muppets Join for Health

A Muppet can be a diplomat artist, and a new character has joined Sesame Street to battle for greater hygiene and health among children. “Raya” has become Sesame Street’s newest…


Mediterranean Diet under Threat?

  Just as it has become globally recognized for healthy living, sustainable food systems ,and known for preserving the environment and empowering local producers, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization…


Sustainability & Environmentalism Can Also be Profitable?

  Recalibrating the financial system and project financing may be critical to evolving public and private sector options that give priority and opportunity for profit to environmental and sustainability sound…


High Cost of Pollution in Life & Money

Sound economics and health concerns are behind the efforts to reduce pollution in Europe and those other states and regions that have come around to recognize the risks. ¬†According to…


Geothermal Energy is Future for Food Production?

Sustainability is becoming an ever greater consideration in energy and food production. The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is seeking greater efficiencies and greater production. According to the FAO:…

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Microfinance, a Critical Evaluation

While the assessment of the direct benefits of microfinance lending may be “modest” according to the recent World Bank study, there are other related opportunities that may be more critical….


Dementia is Target of UN

Maybe we have come to see it as inevitable: senior citizens slide away into mental darkness and death. Now though, after several decades of neglect among public policy makers and…