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Peter #Ustinov, an Original Diplomat-Artist

Actor, director and playwright best recognized for his many Hollywood credits over half a century, Peter Ustinov was an ardent promoter of the United Nations during its formative years and…


Happy Birthday as UN Highlights its Birth & Development in #Photos

As the United Nations this week has officially turned 70, it has turned back to its own archives to look back at the moment of birth. It may be difficult…


When Marlon #Brando Joined #Diplomacy’s Night

Back in 1956, there was no more glamorous or rebellious film star than Marlon Brando. On this night though, he joined in the protocol of the United Nations in what…


#Refugees, as Old as War & Natural Disaster — More Photos that Share a Story & Emotions

As the refugee crisis escalates, our response tests our humanity, as well as our capacity.  Here, more photos to remind of  our shared legacy as Refugees just in the last half…


Recalling #MLK & US Civil Rights at UN

This week in 1963 was the culmination of a series of initiatives and marches across the US, “March on Washington,” which demanded access to voting and legal rights for all…


Henry #Fonda Speaks on Behalf of #Disarmament

The vision of a globe disarming rather than ever more destructive weapons in quantity and capacity was a founding goal of the United Nations. Actor Henry Fonda was one of…


Papal Support for Labor

Pope Francis’s recent statements on income inequality and labor have been characterized by some as beyond the norm.  However, the history of Popes that have seen organized labor as consistent…


“I, the Diplomat” 1956 Radio Program by Sir Michael #Redgrave

He is the father of Oscar-winning actress and friend Vanessa Redgrave; but even before then, he was a friend of the United Nations and as many of the period who…


#HighNoon when Gary Cooper Comes to UN

He was already an American war hero and celebrated film actor.  He had also played other US heroes, as Lou #Gehrig, in film, but perhaps his most famous role was…


American #BoyScouts as Aids at Conference Establishing UN

  Patriotism and the establishment of the UN went hand in hand, at least during the crucial meetings in San Francisco, April 25 to June 26, 1945: “Scoutmaster Frank X….