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Happy 100th Birthday #NationalPark Service

Celebration is in the air for the August 25, 2016 Centennial birthday of the the National Park Service. Special programs and festivities are planned at the 58 parks in the…


First #Drought, now Flood in Africa’s Second Most Populous Nation

Rich in history and situated in the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is Africa’s oldest independent country and its second most populated. However, Ethiopia needs international support as the effects of…


The #Indigenous, Educators & Custodians of our Future

There are more than 370 million Indigenous people living in more than 90 countries across the globe.  (Rainforest Action Network)  The theme this year at the United Nations for International…


PING4dogs & PONGbeats#Yulin ! has raised the platform “Do Animals Need a UN Ambassador?”; but  perhaps an equally relevant question is “Does our Sustainable Future Need Animal Ambassadors?” To raise awareness and realization…


#Veganism on a #GlobalScale? :

Questions that might arise on what veganism can mean to those that are not part of the Western World

There is no doubt that eating less meat and dairy products from the over-industrialized farms that plague our world today and switching to a diet rich in plant-based, unprocessed foods…


Yemen’s Dangerous New Invader

Conflict and hunger are current pestilence in today’s Yemen. Now, the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) has discovered Desert Locust infestations likely resulting from heavy rains last November…


#Japan & World Remembers 11, March 2011

It’s hard to fathom that five years have gone by since life changed so abruptly for the 20,000 people killed in eastern Japan when an earthquake and tsunami slammed its…


Swamp Queen with a Crown for a Sustainable Mission

Laura McKeeman Rutledge, age 27, born in St. Petersburg, Florida is a graduate of the University of Florida. Having majored in broadcast journalism, she went on to become a reporter…


Protect World Wildlife Today, 3 March, & Forever

Just as “it takes a village” to raise our children, so too does it take an educated  global citizen — the entire world —  to protect and preserve World Wildlife….


#Environment & #ClimateChange Challenge at Historic Crossroads?

Forgive some for being skeptical but the struggle to save the environment and defend against climate change have been ongoing for several decades before the current Paris Conference. Even the…