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Was Sarajevo 1997 Start of “Global Citizen” Consciousness?

By, Ambassador Muhamed (Mo) Sacirbey

Art and music were integral part of defense and global solidarity that helped Sarajevo survive the longest modern siege of a European capital. From around the globe, artists as U2…


Grandma is Topless & Liberating!

“Fantasy Fest” is America’s most liberating party, but beyond the skin, costumes and endless tides of good-times, it is a reminder of what frees America to consistently strive for me….


International Prosecution of Crimes Against Culture, Environment & Animals?

The International Criminal Court has taken the first steps toward prosecuting those who not only commit serious crimes against cultural, religious and historical heritage but also against our environment and…


Let Us Come Together as “One” – #Eid al Adha

At a time in history of enormous challenges – man-made, environmental, and beyond our control — sacrifice for the common good calls for dedication  to the cause of peace and…


Coffee with the Souls of #Srebrenica

For most, the Srebrenica Genocide has become a footnote in history once again linking horrific crimes against fellow man that many thought could “Never Again” occur after the horrors of…

SG meets with Key Players in the Creative Community Community on stories waiting to be toldSG Meets Actress Anne hathaway

Fictional Protagonist Fantine of Les Miserables as Real Life Goodwill Ambassador

Academy Award-Winning actor Anne Hathaway is an accomplished artist who has spent a lifetime of achievement in films featuring the plight of women in the workforce or motherhood.  In fictional…


World Humanitarian Summit – ‘A Common Humanity Shared Responsibilities’

Istanbul  is host to the World Humanitarian Summit, May 23-24. 2016. To shape a different global future in a world facing unprecedented humanitarian challenges — (130 million people in desperate…


#Crimea History Wins #Eurovision 2016?

Music as diplomacy was nowhere illustrated more effectively than this year’s Eurovision Contest. Perhaps more to the point, the history of Crimea and the various claims to it were put…


#Education Cannot Wait – Find out Why

War, regional strife, & natural disaster are decimating close to 25% of children’s futures in crisis-hit countries. Along with life’s essentials (water, food, and shelter) education is an integral component…

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#Fight or Flight: One Man’s Choice When Faced With Death

Millions of Refugees Seek A Normal Life Away From War

With the ongoing war on ISIS in the Middle East forcing its citizens to leave the area in droves, the western world has been charged with the responsibility of playing…