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The End of the Western Black #Rhinoceros

By, Joclyn Corrigan

Anyone that cares about animal rights can tell you the extinction rates are too high. These people could also tell you that rhinoceroses are the target of unnecessary hunting, so…


Black and Blue Lives Matter

An Interview with Lieutenant Gerald Lohr,By Annie Jennemann

On Wednesday, October 6th, I sat down with Lieutenant Gerald Lohr of the Saint Louis County Police Department for an interview to speak with him about his experience in law…


Is Committee on NGO’s & some CSO’s Prejudiced Trend-Setters against #Journalists & #LGBT Orgs?

Spokesperson for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) Rupert Colville, High Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, and UNSG Ban Ki-moon lamented that freedom is under…


#Veganism on a #GlobalScale? :

Questions that might arise on what veganism can mean to those that are not part of the Western World

There is no doubt that eating less meat and dairy products from the over-industrialized farms that plague our world today and switching to a diet rich in plant-based, unprocessed foods…


The Bathroom Bill

You do not choose the body you are born in, however, you can decide who you want to be once you learn who you are. Transgender individuals go through a…

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#Fight or Flight: One Man’s Choice When Faced With Death

Millions of Refugees Seek A Normal Life Away From War

With the ongoing war on ISIS in the Middle East forcing its citizens to leave the area in droves, the western world has been charged with the responsibility of playing…

The Trump Effect

Donald Trump is making it okay to be a jerk

I’m an asshole on Facebook. This is not news to folks who know me. In real life I like to think that I’m a pretty nice guy but on the…

Is veganism the best way to be a #GlobalCitizen?

There is no doubt that eating less meat and dairy products from the over-industrialized farms that plague our world today is definitely a step towards a healthier lifestyle change. Not…

Becoming a Global Citizen

How Music Can Help Make a Difference

On September 26, 2015, Global Citizen had its fourth annual festival in the Great Lawn in Central Park with an astonishing crowd of 60,000 fans. This festival is not just…


The 50Hz Show

WMSC's New Outlet for Bass Music

After a long break I am finally back at WMSC with my own show on Friday Nights from 10pm-1am. For those unaware I used to appear on WMSC to DJ…