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Black and Blue Lives Matter

An Interview with Lieutenant Gerald Lohr,By Annie Jennemann

On Wednesday, October 6th, I sat down with Lieutenant Gerald Lohr of the Saint Louis County Police Department for an interview to speak with him about his experience in law…


UN #Police, Force for Good or….?

The role of UN police, women and men, can be particularly critical beyond just helping those facing threats in war zones and/or on basis of race, ethnicity or religion.  Maintaining…


Can UN Cite #CharlestonShooting as “Hateful Act”?

The US is beacon for tolerance and the rule of law, but it is also increasingly facing scrutiny as to whether the reality lives up to the rhetoric. Let’s be…


Respect for Mom, even if She Lays Eggs!

  From nuisance to invader, Canada Geese have been unwelcome from front yards to golf courses to farms. Bounties and hunting have been encouraged to decimate if not eliminate. However,…


Sports Stars Beyond Caricature to Freedom of Expression

When Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) began his peaceful assault upon the walls of racism in America he was frequently joined by artists, who gave encouragement and visibility even…