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Grandma is Topless & Liberating!

“Fantasy Fest” is America’s most liberating party, but beyond the skin, costumes and endless tides of good-times, it is a reminder of what frees America to consistently strive for me….


A Call for “HELP!” from #SouthSudan !

The ongoing food crisis, rampant child hunger and sexual assault permeates the lives of the innocent in South Sudan’s ongoing civil war. Well over a month ago, UNICEF, World Food…

SG meets with Key Players in the Creative Community Community on stories waiting to be toldSG Meets Actress Anne hathaway

Fictional Protagonist Fantine of Les Miserables as Real Life Goodwill Ambassador

Academy Award-Winning actor Anne Hathaway is an accomplished artist who has spent a lifetime of achievement in films featuring the plight of women in the workforce or motherhood.  In fictional…


Don’t Just #BringBackOurGirls – Embrace Them!

Boko Haram has destroyed lives and dreams and has moved beyond the realm of extremes and hostilities to utilizing children as tools of war in suicide attacks to further its…


Empowering Young #Women & Advancing #GenderParity

Birth and gender should not determine a woman’s level of advancement, education,   and family and societal worth. Leading the efforts to empower a woman’s right to safe childbirth, right to…


Swamp Queen with a Crown for a Sustainable Mission

Laura McKeeman Rutledge, age 27, born in St. Petersburg, Florida is a graduate of the University of Florida. Having majored in broadcast journalism, she went on to become a reporter…


Water, Water Everywhere But Not a Safe Drop to Drink

Sadly, this maxim is true for one-third of the world population — 2.5 billion people. These people have no access to clean toilets and proper sanitation, causing disease and deadly…


UN #Police, Force for Good or….?

The role of UN police, women and men, can be particularly critical beyond just helping those facing threats in war zones and/or on basis of race, ethnicity or religion.  Maintaining…


When Human Rights Abuses Masquerade as Culture: #FGM

From female genital mutilation to ingrained bias, the rationale often is culture, religion or even patriotism to deflect criticism.  However, if we were to accept such rationalizations human sacrifices would…


Mediterranean Diet under Threat?

  Just as it has become globally recognized for healthy living, sustainable food systems ,and known for preserving the environment and empowering local producers, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization…