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World’s Biggest Losers – #Refugees or Europe?!

Border violence erupted yesterday at Macedonia (former Yugoslav Republic) and Greece, near Eidomeni. UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Spokesperson, Adrian Edwards, expressed grave concern.  According to today’s reports on…


Diplomatic Bluff to Break Longest Modern Siege

Sarajevo could have been liberated, rescued early into the siege; however too many EU and US political leaders either were acquiescent or resigned to what they viewed as the inevitable…


“Stay Super” – Beat #Diabetes

Diabetes, left untreated, is a killer; and it is on the rise, alarmingly so. According to the World Health Organization: “In 1980, 108 million adults were living with diabetes. By…


Despair but Some Hope for Animals Among the Ruins

War exacts a devastating toll for all living creatures — civilians, families, and  children — but also the animals. Be it the deserted family pet or the feral dog, cat,…


Patty Duke, 1960’s Teenage Role Model

Nostalgia reigns in many households today as we remember Oscar, Emmy, and Golden Globe Winner Anna Patty Duke Pearce, more commonly known simply as “Patty Duke.”  Surrounded by family, Ms….


Empowering Young #Women & Advancing #GenderParity

Birth and gender should not determine a woman’s level of advancement, education,   and family and societal worth. Leading the efforts to empower a woman’s right to safe childbirth, right to…


Mauritania #Hungers for Food Assistance

Food insecurity and the resulting suffering is a fact of life for 450,000 people in Mauritania. The World Food Program warns that funding deficiencies affect the most vulnerable families.  In…


#Japan & World Remembers 11, March 2011

It’s hard to fathom that five years have gone by since life changed so abruptly for the 20,000 people killed in eastern Japan when an earthquake and tsunami slammed its…


The Buzz on Free Labor for #FoodSecurity

Mother Nature and the FAO has a labor-free cure-all to help solve food security – bees.  Moving from flower to flower, these natural pollinators determine crop yields.  One out of…


#Bosnian First Graders #Sign Love & Acceptance

Children with disabilities frequently are stigmatized by their peers and society at large. But this story of an amazing first grade class in Bosnia offers a glimpse of hope. Photo:…