#Environment & #ClimateChange Challenge at Historic Crossroads?

Photo Credit: UN Photo/FAO/M Boulton

Forgive some for being skeptical but the struggle to save the environment and defend against climate change have been ongoing for several decades before the current Paris Conference. Even the title #COP21 tells of 20 previous efforts that have failed or at least under-delivered in terms of concrete action and consequence.
(UN Photo: Ruby Mera: ’92 Global Forum)W
Some point to the Rio Conference in the early 1990’s as the start, but actually it goes back a few decades before then. Of course it is expedient to blame the UN for the failures, but the responsibility lies more with political leaders and capitals who were only focused on a slice of time, place, and particular electorate. Rather, we can see the UN as constantly reminding global leaders, thought leaders, and citizens of the dangers, including the threats to “international peace and security” brought about or at least accentuated by environmental degradation and climate change.  (See our Article in The Huffington Post:  “War on #Climate Change: Threat to International Peace & Security.”)
Below is a look in photos of the history of the UN and the various efforts/labels to counter environmental degradation:

“Only One Earth – The Environment”

(UN Photos – Cormorant on shore of Lake Bracciano, Italy)


71000(UN Photo: Wood pulp plant pollution – Washington State)


51606128500(UN Photo/Mark Garten: Actress Sigourney Weaver on Deep Sea Conservation)

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  • ashok sharma

    Did it even ever occurred to any Thinks Tanks and Policy Planners with the UN or any Government world-wide, that Environmental Related Threatening Changes sweeping across the Planet and resulting Sudden Catastrophe Events like Floods, Tsunamis, Massive Devastating Large Earth-Quakes, Disasters, Increase in Violent Crimes, Racial Differences, Skirmishes,Conflicts ,Our Derailed Global-Economy, AND many Other Major Crisis Or Conflicts and even the Wars, COULD ALSO HAVE could also have something to do with and Have a Direct bearing to some extents on, — :” How every Human being on planet thinks inside Him or Her ? ” and it was proper to deploy a few Segments from our vast Pool of scientists and Researchers to Study, Investigate and Research and arrive at informed Conclusions on — How Climate Change be Related to Human Thinking and our Karma ?”

    Ashok Sharma.
    New Delhi-India.
    7 Dec,2015 2:30am

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