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UN-TV, Production & Technology of Diplomat-Artist

By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey with Susan Sacirbey contributing

As renovation of the United Nations was being completed several years ago, I made one of my casual visits to the old studios of UN TV. It felt like the…


#GlobalCitizen #Diplomacy Rocks!

The United Nations and its diplomacy is increasingly about engaging the global citizen. Fenced in diplomatic reserves remain at the UN HQ which is hosting the globe’s kings, presidents, prime…


Do Songwriters & Composers Receive a Fair Share?

The influence of music, commercial to cultural diplomacy, has never been greater; however those who create the songs may be getting undercut, from emerging technologies to outdated legislation. The risk…


New Cold War on the UN Stage & Closing Curtain on ‘We the People’

The UN is as much stage as platform for diplomatic exchange, and the Kremlin is no longer so keen on keeping the curtain up.  From news to manifestations in popular…