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Photo Credit: UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe - UNSG at 2014 Global Citizen Festival

The United Nations and its diplomacy is increasingly about engaging the global citizen. Fenced in diplomatic reserves remain at the UN HQ which is hosting the globe’s kings, presidents, prime ministers, foreign ministers as well as the Pope. But even here, the UN seeks to open its doors and pull aside the curtains despite ongoing security considerations. The UN though has another venue, New York’s Central Park, and the alternative diplomats, an impressive cadre of diplomat-artists, from Beyonce to Bono, to bring together global citizens in both a consciousness and new brand raising effort.

The Global Citizen Festival

2015 is only the third year that the “Global Citizen Festival” has been put on the platform. Even the term “global citizen” is something more recently promulgated – we have been employing at “Diplomat-Artist” and before then “Diplomatically-Incorrect” for more than half a dozen years as the “Voice of the Global Citizen.” It is both an inclusive term and one that has finally launched a revolutionary evolution in capturing imaginations and new perspectives from sharing peace to a shared earth.

No one can own the brand but the branding effort of the Global Citizen Festival is already impressive, and we say that with our admiration and endorsement. Each year will most likely seek to bring global citizen action on another issue of shared concern, and this year is eliminating extreme poverty.

The New Diplomats Speak with Music & Art


Chris Martin is the artistic director of the Festival, and this year’s music line-up includes Pearl Jam. Ed Sheeran, Beyonce as well as Cold Play. As in the recent past though traditional diplomacy will be in close proximity, as the UN Secretary General has helped launch the Festival. The new diplomacy calls for a different methodology of communication, one that employs the senses as well as words. Melody over rhetoric, even if you’re not a musician, painter, writer or actor, the generation of diplomats will need the sensibility of an artist, the diplomat-artist.
This year’s Festival is being held in the late afternoon of Saturday, September 26, 2015, and if you are not there in person, the event will be broadcast in many countries. By the way, this is no backyard party, as it has official sponsors from Google to Gucci. Is there is a risk that Festival will erode its grass-roots feel? Remember, it only succeeds as it captures our imagination, agendas and commitment as Global Citizens, and each of our contributions as diplomat-artists and the power of digital-diplomacy, (another term we have embraced for over a half-dozen years), to shape the debate, the message as well as activism.To find out more about the Global Citizen Festival
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 ——Be sure & watch the YouTube video from No Doubt’s “Just a Girl” at the 2014 Global Citizen Festival.
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