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Forgotten #Children as World Ignores a Current #Genocide ?

Where is our humanity? From Susan Sacirbey

Who are these children who have a name and an identity that has also given them the UN label “the most persecuted people in the world” ? They are Myanmar…


Will #Myanmar Elections on 8 November Reflect Continued Hate?

Elections in Myanmar, (Burma) are scheduled for 8 November, 2015. But will they reflect true democratic reforms, or will results be a continued mirror of injustice, hatred, and discrimination against…


Angelina Jolie, in #Myanmar, Bridges Peace & Humanitarian Work

The misery of displaced persons and refugees is too frequently created by conflict. Too often the civilians themselves are the targets of ethnic cleansing and genocide. Humanitarian efforts may be…


Does Any Celebrity Amplify Cry of Rohingya?

Actor Matt Dillon has visited a Rohingya displaced persons camp at a critical time just when the Myanmar government/military was blocking access to international media. The recent migrant crisis in…


World Interfaith Week – Religions Must Come Together to Marginalize Haters Killing in their Name

  Religion is not under attack from another religion but mostly from within who would exploit and pervert for their own power or other self-promoting and/or aggrandizement agenda. This perversion…


Aung San Suu Kyi — Silence to Genocide?

Burma monk Saydaw Wirathu says to BBC that the “kalar“ (a derogatory term for Muslims) must be plucked out of society like a bad seed, regardless that they are part…