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Happy 100th Birthday #NationalPark Service

Celebration is in the air for the August 25, 2016 Centennial birthday of the the National Park Service. Special programs and festivities are planned at the 58 parks in the…


Protect World Wildlife Today, 3 March, & Forever

Just as “it takes a village” to raise our children, so too does it take an educated  global citizen — the entire world —  to protect and preserve World Wildlife….

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#Tourism Can Be Transformative for Peace & #SustainableDevelopment

Tourism’s impact is more likely than not underestimated by policy makers and the public. Tourism constitutes 10% of the global GDP and 6% of world trade. It is the better…


Memorial Day’s Unexpected Guests

They may be known as Invader swans, but six little fuzzball cygnets along with their elegant parents made our weekend. The mature mute swans seemed to recognize us from last…


Respect for Mom, even if She Lays Eggs!

  From nuisance to invader, Canada Geese have been unwelcome from front yards to golf courses to farms. Bounties and hunting have been encouraged to decimate if not eliminate. However,…


Netflix Joins World Wildlife Fund

  Enhancing our knowledge, appreciation, and activism with purpose while providing entertainment to many, that is the vision of a new joint venture that will deliver films over the Internet….


Elephants Will Disappear at Current Poaching Rates

  Are we sending a mixed message as to the value of elephants — products to be exploited, or beings deserving greater respect beyond their commercial use? Despite efforts to…


Snowbirds Migrating to Free Birds – A Compelling Journey of Body & Spirit

What does one say about a couple embarking on a long road trip to Florida with multiple destinations in pursuit of family, adventure, and warmth while accompanied by two other…


Do Animals Need a UN Ambassador?

If the United Kingdom has an Ambassador to the UN, why not the “Animal Kingdom”? Animal welfare, biodiversity, wildlife crimes, and the rapidly evolving view of “animal rights” are and…