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What #Pet for #Trump’s White House?

By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey

Bond between American Presidents and their pets has helped humanize both the Commander in Chief and animal. What though if the President-Elect has never really had a pet and is…


In majority-Muslim Bosnia and Herzegovina, a Small Jewish Community still Thrives

By any measure you choose, anti-Semitism is on the rise in Europe. But in Europe’s only Muslim country, Jews say they couldn’t feel more at home, reports Maya Shwayder,  Deutsche…

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Diplomacy & Art

Lydia Canaan stands out as global citizen and diplomat artist. Lydia is a world renowned music talent, with the spirit of ambassador for the future where inclusiveness and peace are…


World Interfaith Week – Religions Must Come Together to Marginalize Haters Killing in their Name

  Religion is not under attack from another religion but mostly from within who would exploit and pervert for their own power or other self-promoting and/or aggrandizement agenda. This perversion…


Is God More Insulted by Cartoons or Those Who Kill in God’s Name?

Bosnia’s Muslim leadership answers without ambiguity. We have to worry more about those who would appoint themselves to defend God against presumed insult than those purportedly committing the offense. Besides…

Division Between Religion and Diplomacy

Yes or no for faith-based diplomacy

Religion is, and has been, a powerful belief system for about three quarters of the world population. The United States Pledge of Allegiance (which includes the phrase, “under god”) that…