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#Giraffe as a #DiplomatArtist & Metaphor for Hope in the Middle East

“Giraffada”, whose production title  is a cross between “giraffe” and “intifada” was produced by Pyramide Films and directed by Rani Massalha. The award-winning production  was screened at the United Nations…


Patty Duke, 1960’s Teenage Role Model

Nostalgia reigns in many households today as we remember Oscar, Emmy, and Golden Globe Winner Anna Patty Duke Pearce, more commonly known simply as “Patty Duke.”  Surrounded by family, Ms….


Empowering Young #Women & Advancing #GenderParity

Birth and gender should not determine a woman’s level of advancement, education,   and family and societal worth. Leading the efforts to empower a woman’s right to safe childbirth, right to…


Postal Stamps as #Diplomacy on #LGBT Rights

For centuries prior, postal stamps were both art and functional. The Internet has changed some of that. Nonetheless, postal stamps continue to be expressions of art, culture, national patriotism/tradition and…


#Oscar for Global Citizen, UN Messenger of Peace?

Leonardo #DiCaprio has become one of the most active advocates on behalf of the United Nations mission and related initiatives particularly #ClimateChange and the #Environment. While he has been a…


#Palestinian #Refugees “Long Journey” Recognized

Palestinian Refugees and their plight comes alive in the dramatic traveling audiovisual exhibition, Long Journey.  The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) with the support of the European Union,…

A sculpture of a 45-caliber revolver with its barrel knotted, titled Non-Violence but frequently referred to as the "knotted gun", outside the UN in New York, USA.

#JohnLennon, #Gandhi & #GunViolence Linked by UN Art

Moved by the murder of John Lennon, a Swedish artist forged a metal sculpture of a gun with knotted barrel. The sculpture has become a symbol of non-violence that now…


Art Speaks of the Abilities of Persons with #Disabilities

UN Photo: Movement Installation Marking International Day of Persons with Disabilities As part of a series of events marking the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (3 December), Heidi Latsky…


What #Thanksgiving is all About — Every Day

Thanksgiving is a time for memories — of our childhood, family, and friends. It is also a time to be grateful for the many blessings we have and to give…


Pack Your #Travel Bags to Explore, Exchange, Learn or Relax?

The UN World Tourism Barometer reported promising news of a four percent (4%) increase in the number of tourists — 810 million — in 2015’s first eight months.  Whether traveling…