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Hate Speech or Free Speech on Migrants in UK Press?

The anti-immigration movement in Britain has parlayed fear and reality of continued migration into substantial political power in effective alliance with an ever more xenophobic media. Of course this is…


Earth Day Concert in Washington

As Washington goes so goes the world.  And this weekend ahead of Earth Day on April 22, citizens –  global or US or both –  gathered at the National Mall…


Role of the Personality in Diplomacy?

 The Supreme Leader has given Iran’s nuclear deal with the US (and other global powers) only a cool endorsement. Similarly, many US Congressional leaders, particularly Republicans, are at best unenthusiastic…


Orlando Bloom Looks into the Eyes of Ebola, a Very Young Face

  The youngest victims of Ebola may have beaten death for now, but the legacy of their battle will continue to traumatize psychologically and materially. The nightmares will continue for…


Returning to Eastern Bosnia

I recommend this true story of the lacking rights of returnees to Eastern Bosnia about an elderly woman living on her pension who survived a horrible genocidal war who may…


East African Albino Children Viciously Attacked & Targeted

Children facing education and social rejection, medical and psychological problems, and confinement to poverty are human rights concerns for albino children in East African countries including Tanzania, Malawi, and Burundi….

Two Men are Lynched in Marion, Indiana

Legacy of Police on Black Violence Pre & Post “Selma Bloody Sunday”?

Have you heard of the “New Orleans Massacre”? African-American US Army Veterans and delegates to a convention to demand voting rights for Louisiana’s “negro” citizens were ambushed by police and…


International Women’s Day & Gender Equality

The world celebrates International Women’s Day on 8 March each year.  It is a day to commemorate women and also a day to reflect on gender equality, assess where we…

12 Khauchi Papa press rlease

Photography to Counter Hunger

The UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) has sponsored a photography contest as means to counter global hunger. This year’s theme being “the family meal.” The United Nations is in theory…


Going Green Globally

The Impact of Being Sustainable

No matter who you are or where you live in the world, we all share at least one basic thing, we all live on one planet. Regardless of one’s belief…