UN Photo Contest on #whyspacematters

Photo Credit: UN Photo

The photo does not have to be taken from space, but it should reflect why space is important for mankind. That is the theme of a photo contest by the UN and US astronaut Scott Kelly. What many global citizens may not recognize is that the UN has been ever more engaged with the exploration of space and its fruitful future for the benefit of all global citizens.   (Read: “Message from Space Explorers: Even the Sky Is Not the Limit.”)   There is also a UN Office for Outer Space Affairs.

The UN has also sponsored photography in many other arenas, and most critically, sought to engage all amateurs and professionals to get across its message via the image. (See: “Photography to Counter Hunger.”)
If you are interested in learning more regarding the UN initiative #whyspacematters and the related Photo contest, then See “UN & NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly Launch #whyspacematters Photo Contest.”

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