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Feminism in the UN

Activist and Actor Emma Watson's Fight Towards Equality

For about 65 years, the UN procures prominent people in the media to bring awareness to what is happening around the world to encourage recognition of these issues. Many celebrities…


Until it Happens to You

Facing Reality

On February 28 of 2016, 50 survivors of sexual assault took the stage with Lady Gaga at the 88th Annual Academy Awards. What followed was a performance that immediately became…

Leonardo DiCaprio: Best actor and best humanitarian award?

Leonardo DiCaprio discusses climate change in Oscar acceptance speech.

The 2016 Academy Awards, or “Oscars”, was a very exciting and eventful night. Many actors went on to win their second or third Oscar award, while Leonardo DiCaprio finally won…

Mental Health Parity

Treating Mental Illness Like the Chronic Illness it is

The Road to the Mental Health Equity Act

Today, nearly 25 percent of Americans are affected by mental illness and addiction. Former Rhode Island U.S. Representative, Patrick J. Kennedy is one of them. In May of 2006, the…


The Real-Life Superhero

Their effectiveness, and impact on a modern society

Superheroes. We dream about becoming them. We fantasize of one swooping from the skies to save us. And right now, they do live among us. Of course they don’t have…

America’s Race to the Bottom

Science denial in America is undercutting our claim to be the "Greatest country in the world"

I can think of few times in recent memory when I was so embarrassed to be an American as when I first saw this video of United States Senator Jim…


Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy Provides PTSD Relief for Vets

VIRTUAL REALITY: HELPING OUR VETERANS RECOVER ONE VIRTUAL STEP AT A TIME Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy Aimed at Providing Relief¬†For Veterans Suffering From Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Wars come and go…

Global Conflict Is Affecting Our Children

Kids around the world are being denied an education and struggling to survive

Imagine a preschool class filled with 30 bright-eyed, innocent four-year olds who enjoy nothing more than playing with their classmates and friends. Now imagine that by the time those children…

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Is Diplomacy in Syria Failing the Lessons of Bosnia?

Is Diplomacy in Syria Failing the Lessons of Bosnia? Lecture by Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey, Bosnia & Herzegovina –Tuesday, Sept. 15, 12:30, Modesto A. Maidique Campus/CP145 –FIU (Florida International University) Steven…


Contributing to Hunger or Food Security – Capitalism & Wholesaling?

Food’s route to our tables goes through many middlemen who facilitate the logistics of efficient distribution with minimum waste and expense. Whether capitalism is contributing to global hunger or, in…