Failing Grade on Education?

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If we are to raise education to a human right then the globe is failing 20% of its adolescents and at least 10% of children of primary school age according to a new UN Report. Of course, the failing grade is not erased by these kids growing into adulthood – the problem and consequences from economic to social become only worse. Income inequality is probably only the first impact. The ability to generating a living wage to participation in democratic processes are all under threat for individuals lacking basic education and the society within which they live. Education needs to be seen as a human right as it effects the respect for all other. – (See: “Is Education a Human Right?”)

The UN Report does provide some functional remedies. Ironically, much of what is lost is due to child labor as well as a lack of resources to educate. Besides productive labor and more engaged global citizens, further raising the profile, import, and resources committed to education will also uncover the leaders and artists that are now lost in the tide. (See: The findings from the Global Initiative on out-of-school children reportFixing the Broken Promise of Education for All.”)

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