How Srebrenica, Netherlands, NATO & UN Were Betrayed

Photo Credit: RIchard Holbrooke, Muhamed Sacirbey, President Bill Clinton

The evidence has now converged from several different sources, including recently revealed documents and statements from former government officials. Confirming our rising suspicions over the last two decades, the betrayal of Srebrenica was premeditated. While we used to speak in terms of a “yellow” or “green light”  being given to Serbia’s then nationalist despot Slobodan Milosevic and his General Ratko Mladic, now the question should be asked in terms more fitting the crime and the rule of law:  Was there acquiescence or complicity on the part of political/diplomatic leaders from Paris, London and Washington?  In the least, there was a reckless disregard for the lives of the Srebrenica population presumably in a “NATO protected zone” as well as a “UN safe area.”


Neither The Netherlands, the Bosnia & Herzegovina Government, NATO as a whole nor the UN were informed of the secret agreement between Paris, London and Washington to withhold NATO planes, even as the Dutch Peacekeepers called for NATO’s help, (obligated by NATO as well as UN Resolutions.)  Apparently though, Milosevic and Mladic had been effectively informed that there would be no consequence if they went ahead with their assault upon Srebrenica. Was the motive to gain the cooperation of Milosevic’s and Mladic’s “mafia,” (as one US official referred to them), to incentivize them with new ethnically cleansed land to deal for peace?

The consequences for the population of Srebrenica was genocide. However, the fruits of that genocide remain with those who committed it. The Netherlands and its Peacekeepers have been shamed. NATO has been undermined and the UN still suffers from the view that it is impotent to address crises from Syria and Myanmar to the Central African Republic and Ukraine. (Read more fully Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey’s expose in the Huffington PostSmoking Gun on Betrayal & Genocide.”)

Also see the following Netherlands TV indepth investigative broadcast on “Why Srebrenica Had to Fall” (Lead reporter Bart Nijples).

Photo: i24 News


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