Stevie Wonder, UN Peace Messenger

We grew up with his music and he grew up in front of us. Now, Stevie Wonder just turned 65, and he is anything but moving toward retirement. As one of America’s and the globe’s most recognized music greats, Stevie Wonder is a UN Peace Messenger. The appointment came in December 3, 2009.
Stevie has been one of more active UN Goodwill Ambassadors. He helped inaugurate “International Jazz Day” in 2012. As performer and host he delivered a memorable “Message for Peace” UN Day Concert in 2013, bringing together other legends to speak with their music on behalf of a shared future for all global citizens. (See Photo’s Below).



Just in the last few days Stevie Wonder has been giving “pop-up concerts” in various cities and venues. If you have not seen him before, this is your chance, in many instances for no paid admission.
“Superstition” or his duo with Paul McCartney “Ebony and Ivory” are some of his most recognized concerts since he began performing half a century earlier as one of the messengers of soul from Motown. Here though is one of our favorite Stevie Wonder performances, an anthem for the global citizen by one of our greatest Diplomat-Artists.  –Hear:  “Free“.
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