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Austria to Bosnia Diplomatic Connection

By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey

It was not the “Muslim majority” countries or the super-power that projected freedom as its international commitment. Bosnia & Herzegovina’s (BiH) first true diplomatic friend was Austria and this robust…


Does this #Refugee Look like an Undesirable to be Sent Home?

The year of his birth was 1884, and at less than one year of age, John James Mates, my grandfather of Irish-Catholic heritage, sailed to America and into the Pennsylvania…


“Let There Be Bread”

  Pope Francis addressed the delegates at the Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) Conference in Rome this week and cited eradicating hunger as a moral obligation. Food security, good nutrition,…


World Interfaith Week – Religions Must Come Together to Marginalize Haters Killing in their Name

  Religion is not under attack from another religion but mostly from within who would exploit and pervert for their own power or other self-promoting and/or aggrandizement agenda. This perversion…