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First #Drought, now Flood in Africa’s Second Most Populous Nation

Rich in history and situated in the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is Africa’s oldest independent country and its second most populated. However, Ethiopia needs international support as the effects of…


Hats Off to Sweden, Bolivia, Ethiopia & Kazakhstan!

History was again made in the UN General Assembly this week when four new non-permanent members of the UN Security Council – Sweden, Bolivia, Ethiopia, and Kazakhstan were selected for…


#Refugees – Defying the Odds for Life

The decade of time is seamless. Those facing oppression, hunger, or threat to life and livelihood will defy the odds to provide  their families a better life, or just life….


Reboot of #Development #Finance

From gender equality to sustainability, the key catalyst will be a new approach to development finance. Profit is not a dirty word and growth is not the overriding objective.  Rather,…