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Was Sarajevo 1997 Start of “Global Citizen” Consciousness?

By, Ambassador Muhamed (Mo) Sacirbey

Art and music were integral part of defense and global solidarity that helped Sarajevo survive the longest modern siege of a European capital. From around the globe, artists as U2…

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#Trump Travel Ban Stigmatizes American and Muslim?

By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey

While I’m not from any of the “banned” countries or feel particularly religious or only Muslim in my identity, Trump does seek to stigmatize anyone who may be identified as…


Austria to Bosnia Diplomatic Connection

By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey

It was not the “Muslim majority” countries or the super-power that projected freedom as its international commitment. Bosnia & Herzegovina’s (BiH) first true diplomatic friend was Austria and this robust…


Zbigniew Brzezinski & the Battle on Post Communism Fascism

By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey

After the fall of the Soviet Union what was left is a naked fascism for which communism was more pretext than guiding ideology. Post Soviet Russia may have had a…


Green #Climate Fund Investments ahead of Paris #ClimateChange Conference

  Innovation to induce the change needed to counter the inertia of industry, regulation and habit is perhaps one of the greater challenges to counter climate change. Public-private partnerships are…


Greece Shoved into Putin’s Sphere of Influence?

Merkel’s government contemplates the cost of bailing out Greece, and her Finance Minister hints that it may be better for all involved if Greece gets out of the Euro. As…


Ukraine Needs Political Solution, but Can Diplomacy Succeed without Weapons?

  Ukraine has had several cycles on the diplomatic merry-go-round, but the only result is more weapons in the hands of the so-described pro-Russia rebels. There is another round of…


NATO’s Future Rises to Focus of US Presidential Election 2016?

NATO was critical to the shaping of the “new Europe” two decades earlier after the fall of the Iron Curtain. Similar and new challenges have emerged where once again NATO…


Economic Warfare the Theme for 2015? Sends Russia Ruble into Financial Rubble?

Is the Russian Ruble becoming financial rubble as consequence of targeting by the US and its allies? The dramatic fall in oil prices and commensurate drop  in the Russian currency,…


Can Bosnia’s Army Save the World?

Soldiers, officers and police that fought against each other two decades earlier are now working together in UN and NATO operations to keep or deliver peace. It is not just…